Al Hayat Group

Our company reflects proven operational expertise surrounded by superior foundation of values, ethics, and a wealth of heritage experience.



  • Core Business and Principle activities

    The core business and principle activities of our group is hard to be broadly classified as it consist of operating divisions, wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and sponsored companies. We have established a significant presence in the real estate, information technology, communication, contracting, travel, and fashion sectors. Al Hayat Group today exclusively represents many international firms and is affiliated with several globally operating companies in Bahrain. Furthermore, we perform the vital role of a business incubator in the region supporting foreign companies with vital infrastructure, human and financial resources and market intelligence.

  • corporate strategy

    Our corporate strategy is to enter into partnerships with distinct global companies to introduce new and innovative ideas. The group has a proven track record of ensuring that each of its companies has flourished within the local and regional context, by offering added value through it’s extensive regional and international network of contacts, vast knowledge and expertise in the region, leadership and direction.

  • Portfolio Companies

    Notable Al Hayat Group portfolio companies include Fly.bh, the Middle East first online travel company; Prestige Connection, a private luxury club; Celebrity Corner by Walla, luxury designer brand, and ANMSoft, the world leader in Software development and Internet Technology. Our affiliates include Oak, designers and producers of the highest-quality Italian furnishing; and Faude & Huguenin, Manufacturing and minting of coins and commemorative medals.