Having a history of over half a century in the communication field has made us truly understand how to make the power of communication work for our clients. We have built a solid network of partners that brings all the key communication services together under one roof to maximize the return on our clients’ communications investments.

International Design Center

Through our company International Design Center (IDC), we provide strategic advice and practical support across the complete communications spectrum.

The roots of IDC go back more than half a century. IDC has evolved from Arab Advertising Agency – which was established in the very heart of the Arab World in Damascus, Syria in 1937.

Being a “pioneering citizen” in communication in the Arab world gives us quite a head start. Age has provided us with an acute awareness of how Arab consumers think. How they perceive products and services. What makes them buy, and remain loyal to or switch brands.

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  • Bahrain Neon
  • Bahrain Neon is primarily engaged in manufacturing signs and advertising materials and creating advertising campaigns. Through them, we provide a full range of excellent services including advice, creative services, production and media planning.

  • Faude & Huguenin
  • Faude & Hugenin is the world's leading export mint, making coins and medals. The many years of design experience, long tradition and the application of modern technologies all lead to strong synergies in the firm. The flexibility and love of detail guarantee products of the highest quality.

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