Upstream Activities

Exploration & Production

ALHAYAT PETROSERVE main business is to ensure the optimum exploitation of the Energy Industries resources and meaningful Various Energy industries participation in resulting business developments in petroleum related exploration activities. The company also acts as advisor to the Energy Layer and assists it


This is an activity that requires the active marketing or promotion of the hydrocarbon potential of the Energy Industries acreage to local and international oil exploration and production companies. Having identified prospects and leads with potential for accumulating hydrocarbons and having carried out all necessary petroleum geological and geophysical work required, such acreage is offered to local and international oil companies. In furtherance of the above, the company attends important international oil and gas promotion conferences targeting the oil capitals/centres of the world in order to cover as wide a spectrum of clients as possible.

Advisory and Regulatory role

The institutional role of ALHAYAT PETROSERVE is to actively promote the hydrocarbon potential of Oil Industries . In exercising this role the company is tasked with advising the Energy Industries on policy issues regarding the upstream petroleum industry and monitoring the petroleum activities of oil companies operating within the World. ALHAYAT PETROSERVE has since independence facilitated the signing of several petroleum agreements with international oil companies. These agreements have been the result of four bidding rounds and an open licensing system which was adopted as an alternative to the bidding rounds.

Downstream Activities

Downstream Operations

The term “downstream operation” is commonly used to refer to the refining of crude oil as well as the marketing and distribution of petroleum products derived from it. ALHAYAT PETROSERVE entered the marketing and distribution sectors of the business through participation in fuel tenders in line with its new strategy of building an integrated oil company that would compete on an equal footing with other industry players. It is important to note that, although ALHAYAT PETROSERVE is wholly Family owned, it is equally required to comply with the same legislation as all other industry