Furnishings & Interior Design

By translating dreams into reality and satisfying the customers design requirement– we provide creative solutions to enhance life and culture. Through our affiliate, we have helped in creating the interiors of prestigious villas, hotels, residences, royal palaces, offices, embassies and government headquarters throughout the world. Every project is treated with the same integrity and dedication leading to high quality impressive results.


  • OAK
  • In 1982, OAK began to operate in the supply of “turn-key” furnishings, complete with furniture and accessories. As it is OAK’s passion, they offer a very wide range of high quality beautifully designed hand crafted and finished hardwood furniture. The production of handmade furniture is particularly important to OAK, with products that combine beauty and convenience with the charm and elegance of a product always classic and always current.

    For further details visit: www.oak.it